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Laser Therapeutics specializes in laser therapy research and our own line of low level laser therapy devices, commonly known as cold laser therapy or LLLT.  Our extensive line of therapy lasers is continually revised and updated to take into account the latest research into the theory and use of laser therapy. Laser Therapeutics has two distinct divisions, the Professional Low Level Laser division intended for the medical community and our Home use Low Level Laser division intended for the layman to have this technology available to them in their own home.

We support an international team of medical and research professionals who continually update our laser therapy treatment protocols, publish their findings and consult with us on specific low level laser therapy issues and findings.

We are currently seeking additional FDA clearances for our Laser Therapy devices and continue to conduct clinical trials to gain FDA approval for cutting edge use of our laser therapy devices. The most exciting condition being researched is the use of cold laser for smoking cessation and weight loss. We have developed state of the art treatment protocols and procedures for these conditions. A number of the Fortune 500 companies have adopted our program and we are tremendously excited about our association with Holland America Cruise lines that sees our devices on 12 of their cruise ships to date and on the balance of the fleet during 2013.  The program seeks to have our lasers deployed on all ship divisions associated with the parent company. In a press release announcing the program, HAL informed all staff as to the availability of the laser treatment to all employees.

Laser Therapeutics is proud of its ongoing personal use cold laser devices. Laser Therapeutics holds Health Canada and European approval for the world’s most popular and effective home use laser (Also known as the SL30 / 9VSL40 in some parts of the world)  as well as does our most advanced home use laser therapy apparatus, the SL50 which incorporates 12 laser diodes over two wavelengths combined with a host of advanced features. Both devices have been the focus of newspaper and magazine articles praising the results achieved by these home use laser devices. Laser Therapeutics will be launching a number of new home use lasers during 2013, the most exciting of which is the Softlaser Plus, the successor to our SL30 which will be launched in February. A new version of the SL50 is in final development and due out mid-2013. Later in 2013 will see the introduction of our technologically advanced lipo laser that targets fat cells and is intended for home-use.

We will continually update this site to keep you informed as to the latest developments as well as a schedule of the latest Laser Therapy conferences being planned.

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